24 / 7 Training


The Santa Teresa Lifeguards has adopted the NSW Australian 24/7 model of training local surfers to fill in as lifeguards since they are the ones in the water and can act as first responders.  We will hold trainings throughout the year for all interested surfers- locals and visiting surfers alike!

For the full NSW Surfers Rescue 24/7 brochure, click here.

From the creator of the program in Australia: ” Surfing has been part of the Australian society since the late 50’s and during this time, recreational surfers from all walks of life have been instrumental in helping to keep our beaches safe. These aforementioned boardriders have conducted and assisted in thousands of rescues, the majority of which go unheralded. Be it a patrolled or unpatrolled beach across NSW; surfers are on hand 365 days a year – dawn until dusk. Surfing NSW with support of the NSW Government are giving all surfers in NSW the opportunity to do a free CPR and Board Rescue Course – Surfers Rescue 24/7. This will give you a skill set, that hopefully you will never have to use, but if you find yourself in a tough situation, may just save a life. Yours in surfing, Mark Windon Chief Executive Officer, Surfing NSW”