Where your money goes

We depend on people like you to help us meet the cost of saving lives at sea. For every paid shift our lifeguards work, they also give one hour of their time for free. They also need regular training, well-maintained equipment, safety and shore facilities. Your support means our team can save lives quickly, safely and effectively.

If you would like to fund a  lifeguard for a 6 hour shift, it costs $50 / 25mil

To fund our lifeguards on each of the four towers for a day it is $250 / 125mil

A weekend is $500 / 250mil

There are several ways to donate to the the Santa Teresa Lifeguards

  • We have a bank you can email us at for our bank details and to send us a donation.
  • We can collect any cash donations from you. Again just contact us at synergy
  • International groups: Raise funds or equipment and send directly to Santa Teresa. Contact for International Support is John Haas at
  • Attend local fundraisers
  • Buy Merchandise– all profits will go directly to support and equipment.

A huge thank you to Solano Beach, San Diego County, California, USA for their commitment to sending equipment to the Santa Teresa Lifeguards.